People make the difference

Wherever you source your punching tools, it will always be the person who makes the decisive difference. Having a machine park or also being able to control it decides whether the tools are good or bad. KLEINER is proud of its tool shop and the employees who find the best solutions for your tasks there.

From design to final assembly, KLEINER relies on the expert knowledge of its teams. The areas of 2D, 3D design, prototyping, eroding, grinding and milling are in-house departments at KLEINER. This allows us to determine the quality of our tools ourselves. Final assembly and testing also take place at KLEINER. Of course, the tools then run on the automatic punching machines, which also take over the series production afterwards. KLEINER currently has a total of over 30 automatic punching machines.

In or out. New German "insourcing" and "outsourcing".

You know the situation. Either nothing is going on at the moment or everyone wants their job done at the same time. It's good when you have a partner like KLEINER at your back, who quickly and easily takes on your overloads and completes them "as good as self-made".

Kleiner supports you in your daily work. We can deliver individual stamps and inserts within 24 to 48 hours. To do this, we check the feasibility with you in advance. Of course, this also applies to parts that have not previously been manufactured by KLEINER. Thanks to framework agreements, you will receive spare parts within the shortest possible time. We always have the most important parts in stock. Everything "express". Without any warehousing costs. Additional costs? Only for express delivery!



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