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We have the production techniques of milling, HSC milling, wire eroding, start-hole eroding, die-sinking eroding, grinding and optical profile grinding in-house. This enables us to meet even the biggest challenges, such as the parallel production of many tools. Of course, we also offer zero-series production.


Designing means: actually realising product ideas that only exist in your head or on a piece of paper. If this first step goes wrong, it becomes expensive afterwards. That's why we rely on a healthy mix of well-trained, experienced employees with the best design software for stamping tool construction.

The result: optimised high-performance stamping tools that last far beyond the defined service lives. This keeps everyone on the safe side. Also economically.

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Where mechanical machining of difficult-to-machine materials reaches its limits, the field of application of die-sinking EDM begins (e.g. with deep and narrow countersinks or very complex surfaces).
Extremely hard materials such as hardened steel, titanium or carbide can be machined.
Surface structures with variable roughness and burr-free edges can be produced. At KLEINER we can achieve a roughness of Ra < 0.xx µm. We work with wires from 0.0x to 0.x mm for wire erosion. Kleiner offers wire erosion, die sinking, start hole erosion.t where mechanical machining of difficult-to-machine materials reaches its limits, the field of application of die sinking begins (e.g. with deep and narrow countersinks or very complex surfaces).

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The production of punching tools usually begins with machining. We can do this to a high standard of quality with our modern milling and turning centres.

The stable structure of our machining centres is a prerequisite for soft and hard milling of the components to be manufactured. The machining of materials such as hard metal, steel, etc. is carried out according to your specifications. Contours that have to be machined three-dimensionally are produced precisely on our 3- or 5-axis machining centres. Depending on the requirements, shiny surfaces are possible without further processing during HSC milling.

Your demand is our challenge.


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The grinding of workpieces is the nucleus of KLEINER GmbH. Kleiner started its success story with this type of machining in 1985. To this day, grinding technology is one of the pillars of Kleiner GmbH's success. State-of-the-art equipment is a must at Kleiner. This is the only way to manufacture economically and promptly.

We can machine workpieces up to a dimension of l=1260 x w=600 x h=350 mm. In addition to in-house production, our machinery is also open to you. You can rely on the proverbial quality of our contract work.



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