COMPLIANCE - Our commitment

As an internationally operating company, KLEINER GmbH is committed to fair competition, responsible business dealings, entrepreneurial integrity, social responsibility and sustainable management. This basic philosophy applies to the shareholders of KLEINER GmbH as well as to the management, the executive staff and all employees. Of central importance is above all the observance of the principle of legality, i.e. compliance by everyone with all legal provisions applicable to our activities. At the same time, ethical and performance-related values are the goal and core of our actions, both in the business world, in our society and in our cooperation with each other. However, not only entrepreneurial, but also ecological and social aspects play an important role at KLEINER GmbH. This is also reflected in the fact that KLEINER GmbH actively supports the "Global Compact Initiative" of the United Nations. The totality of these goals is summarised by the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Guidelines on Competition Law and the Prevention of Corruption. With our business partners, especially suppliers, we strive for the acceptance and implementation of certain values and corporate integrity. These are laid down in the Code of Conduct and, more specifically, in the Supplier Code of Conduct. The documents are available here.

Sustainable management is an integral part of our corporate policy.

Not only economic, but above all ecological and social aspects play an important role at KLEINER. In this context, KLEINER consistently uses energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving production processes and technologies in order to be able to meet the issues of reducing CO2 emissions, reducing waste or increasing energy savings, among others. 

The introduction of an occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001 certification serves KLEINER in a process-oriented manner to prevent occupational accidents, work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as to generally protect the health of employees in the workplace. 

The company's voluntary commitment was also rewarded at the end of 2011 with "DIN EN ISO 14001 certification" - a globally recognised environmental management system that documents KLEINER GmbH's environmental programme. In addition, since June 2013, KLEINER can proudly present the certification certificate "Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 50001" to its employees and customers. This is an approach to increasing energy efficiency in order to influence energy use throughout the company.

Whether customers, partners or employees - each individual is included in the optimisation of environmental and energy performance. After all, even small measures can make an important contribution to environmental protection and the well-being of future generations.

Global Compact - taking responsibility.

As a future-oriented company, KLEINER GmbH Stanztechnik decided in March 2012 to actively support the "Global Compact Initiative" of the United Nations.

The aim of the "Global Compact" is to promote universal social and environmental principles through joint action. Through its participation, KLEINER commits to the ten principles from the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption and integrates them into its corporate strategy, corporate culture and daily business.

The initiative was founded during the World Economic Summit in Davos in 1999. The UN Secretary General at the time proposed the creation of a global compact with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the UN and businesses and implementing the UN Millennium Development Goals. The participants in the "Global Compact" continuously report on how they integrate the principles into their companies.

With now more than 8,700 participants from over 140 countries, it is the world's largest initiative of socially committed companies and other stakeholders.

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Thomas Kleiner
Thomas KleinerManaging Partner
My task as an entrepreneur is to also think about the people of future generations. That's why sustainability and environmentally oriented production are at the top of my list.